View and convert PSD files with PSD Viewer 3.2 freeware.

People who know bit about Adobe Photoshop might very well know what PSD file is. Well PSD means short form of Photoshop Document. You create any document in Photoshop add layers, effects , notes , image manipulations , water mark and if when you save it with default Photoshop document it saves your file in PSD format. In PSD format the advantage is all the image structure is saved like all your layers, effects etc.  But the problem with the PSD format is that its view able only by Photoshop. Most free programs or applications don’t support PSD files.  Also some of them which supports don’t give us additional functionality like converting PSD to Jpeg or other image format etc. That’s where free PSD Viewer 3.2 freeware helps us. With PSD Viewer 3.2 you can not only view pdf files but also convert them to most preferred formats like JPEG, Bitmap, GIF, PNG etc.  Additionally you can change the size of the documents which means you can enlarge or decrease the size without affecting the quality of the PSD original file.PSD Viewer 3.2 real handy tool for all of us who work with images sometimes or daily.

PSD Viewer 3.2 supports operating systems like Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7.

You need to have Microsoft .Net framework 3.5 installed in your pc which you can download for free from here, download Microsoft .Net framework 3.5 full package.

You can download this freeware here: Download PSD Viewer 3.2 freeware.

You can read more here: PSD Viewer Homepage.

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