Create ,Edit icons with IcoFX freeware.

With IcoFX you can create and edit ICON files. Well operating systems like Windows 7 comes with many ICONS in built with them also you can get lots of icons free for download from internet. And the good news is that you can customize them with this freeware. IcoFX looks like typical Photoshop interface. And using it is also simple like you need to load the icons files with the IcoFX interface to edit them and once you have modified and completed your work you can save it. Some of the key features of the  IcoFX freeware are the following

1.       Batch processing of large quantity of icons for import, extract and extract.

2.       Convert images to icons.

3.       Extract icons form DLL and exe files.

4.       Resolutions up to 256*256.

5.       IcoFX supports transparency.

6.       Supports Mac OS, Windows OS.

7.       Supports  Data types:  2, 16, 256, True Color, True Color + Alpha.

8.       Adds more effects with custom effect.

9.       Multiple language support.

10.   Zoom capability up to 10^4 level.

You can read more about IcoFX here : IcoFx Home page.

You can download here: DOWNLOAD ICOFX FREEWARE

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