Antivirus Uninstallers.

Lots of antivirus software’s are available now in the market. Some are free and some are paid ones. All most all the pc has one or another. Sometimes we may come into situation when we need to uninstall them and install a new one. This situation is common since most of the paid versions comes 1 year license and after that you may need to renew it. Well that time you may switch back to free versions. Lots of fresh systems come inbuilt with antivirus software but they may only give you either 1 year or 6 month period. So we uninstall them as normally does with any other programs from add/remove programs. But the problem with many of them is that it may keep its traces in system and registry resulting in problems when you install another antivirus. These unwanted entries won’t go with a normal uninstall process; situation may also occur sometimes you may not able to remove these at all. In order to rectify this issue most of the antivirus companies provide you special uninstallers which will completely remove the antivirus from your system. Below is list of 10 such official antivirus uninstallers which you use to clean up your system.

Download the uninstallers below:

  1. Norton/Symantec antivirus uninstaller.
  2. Bit Defender remover.
  3. Kaspersky remover.
  4. NOD 32 remover.
  5. Trendmicro remover.
  6. Mcafee remover.
  7. Avast remover.
  8. AVG remover.
  9. Panda remover.
  10. F-Secure remover.

You can download this free uninstallers and then run these programs to completely remove your anti virus.Once you have done that you can install your required fresh anti virus with out any hassle.

Hope this helped. Please add your comments/suggestions.

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