Is your system ready for Microsoft Office 2010?

Microsoft has released its Office application 2010. The real truth is that it’s a great hit. So now it’s time for you know that whether your system is ready for it? Or simply does your system have the minimum system requirement for installation and running the Microsoft Office 2010. This post will help you to know that.

Minimum System requirement for Microsoft Office 2010.

–>  Intel Pentium processor III, 500 MHz or above.

–>  Memory 256 SD or above versions

Well to be frank with the above mentioned minimum requirement you have a mess of time, so let me explain the recommended requirement by which you can use it cool and hassle free.

Well if you have laptops freshly purchased which may be with Windows Vista or Windows 7. You can successfully install and use it. No issue at all. Both systems will surely have more than recommended configuration since in order to run these operating there is a minimum requirement which is much above the requirement for Office 2010. So those falls under that category can go ahead without any issue. Well if you purchasing a new laptop or branded desktop it may even come with a trial version of Office 2010.So we can exclude that category too. Also to add on with new hyper fast processors it will make your Office application run really fast.

For Windows Xp users the news is not good if you are running with service 2 or below. You need to upgrade your Windows to Service pack 3 in order to run Office 2010. But don’t get disappointed I will help you in that. Download and install Windows Xp Service Pack 3 (Full Package) Download Service Pack 3 Here .Once after you have downloaded the service pack file (exe file). You can it and install it. Once you have completed this installation you can go ahead with the installation of Office 2010.

(Note: Keep a backup of your system before installation. well just for your safety)

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