Recycle your Old Nokia phones; Nokia will plant a tree for each.

Nokia has started a great step towards environment conservation .For this they bring up their old mobile phones recycle venture. The great thing about this venture is that one it protects environment from non bio degradable materials used in production of mobile handsets from polluting the environment by recycling it ,but the most great thing they are doing is whenever you give them your mobile phones for recycling they plant one tree. So for each old handset you are helping the nature by planting trees. This one of greatest initiative Nokia has ever taken. Now it’s our responsibility to make this initiative a great hit. How? Simply you can recycle your old phones by giving them to Nokia. Now you are not going to use those outdated handsets.  So simple why you want to keep those old stuffs with you? Well when time passes there are chances that one fine day you throw it into garbage can. Well its human nature we may do that any time but by doing this you are doing posing a great threat to nature. Come on let’s make our planet more green, less with pollutant and lets all help in making the word more greener and cleaner and protect our environment.

Be a part of this helping venture. Donate your old phones. Let’s make our nature greener.

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