Chat invisible in Gtalk-Gtalk Lab version.

When it comes to customizing chat Google does not score much, well constantly improving Gmail chat and Gtalk are now one among popular chat engines. But Gtalk version of the chat (or ... Continue Reading →

How to check you website status, is it up or down?

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Facebook’s “Remote logout Facility” to enhance security.

Facebook is consistently improving their features when it comes to its user security and privacy. A lot of security addition has been added recently which will make online users more ... Continue Reading →

Samsung unveils Galaxy Ipad.

Samsung yesterday has unveiled its much awaited Ipad. Galaxy looks bit less wide when compared to its competitor Apple Ipad .Samsung has planed not release it to direct public rather ... Continue Reading →

How to remove “This request can’t be sent” in Facebook.

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Oxford Online Dictionary –a free and simple alternative for print dictionary.

There won’t be many people in the world who might have not heard the word of Oxford. Yes they are world famous for its dictionary .And many may have that great collection with them. ... Continue Reading →

Beejive all in one IM for Blackberry

Chatting is most common now within mobile phone users. Many of website has customized their website so that they can fit in perfectly with in these gadgets and also give a hassle free ... Continue Reading →

High Quality music for Laptops soon with ‘more oomph’.

Laptop speakers are always been not so comfortable for lots of users. Simply it lacks quality. Even though lot of innovations has come and companied claiming to give you great quality ... Continue Reading →

Facebook Chat to be smooth soon.

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How to do it? Blackberry Curve 8520.

This is a simple how to guide about your Blackberry curve 8520 but its applicable to other models also, learn it and become master of your BB set. Highlight a line of text, Highlight ... Continue Reading →