Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 9 Beta.

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 9 Beta(San Francisco on 15th September 2010). This is much awaited web browser from Microsoft. With incredible features and compatibility over ... Continue Reading →

How to speed your Windows 7 start up by disabling Windows Search.

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Organize your inbox and mails in MS Outlook with colors.

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Recycle your old mobile handsets and get paid also think about environment:

Mobile phones are integral part of our life. There won’t be many who don’t have a mobile phone. Also it’s the area where technology keeps on updating. But what will do with those ... Continue Reading →

Backup your System drivers with freeware utility:Driver Max Lite

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Create your own WordPress, Joomla and many more themes with Artisteer.

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Display date in your website with this simple java code

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Backup your Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a great web browser. Now when it’s up and running you save lot of your favorites and settings in this and you never want to lose them. What if your system crashes ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Word Keyboard shortcuts

You need to be DTP expert to become expert in using Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts. Under listed are very good useful word keyboard shortcuts. Hope this will be of great help for ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy S – Some basic tips

Samsung Galaxy S is great phone with lot of built in features, so it’s must that we are familiarized with the basics of the phone. Samsung Galaxy S is Android powered phone. So let’s ... Continue Reading →