Paint.NET a great free alternative for Photoshop.

Photoshop is great image editor or more. Well its one number one and industry best image editing and synthesizing software. But the problem is that it’s not free for use. You need  to pay a heavy amount to get one copy and only alternate who don’t happy money is download the pirated version but the fact remains its illegal. In this post I will introduce to a freeware image editor which has lots of great functions like in Photoshop but adding to it, it’s completely free- paint.NET.

Paint.NET is free image editor by which you can edit, create great graphics and images. It has got great number for tools and presets like found in Photoshop which will enhance the application. So now you can alter your images, add captions, add brightness, and add sharpness and many more. You also have history function as found in Photoshop by which you can see all the actions you have done/applied on images and can quickly revert back any of the instance as and when required. I would recommend it as a great tool for beginners in photo editing since it’s easy to use. The interface of this freeware also resembles Photoshop. Paint.NET is one best image editing software which is absolutely free of cost. Lot of blogs (example: lifehacker) and reviewers have rated paint.NET as one the best with great standards.

You can download this free ware here: Download paint.NET freeware

You can learn more about it from paint.NET home page: paint.NET Homepage

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