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One big problem I have faced every time is the problem of duplicate files. Believe me I have lot of files in my pc ,may it be my mp3,videos,documents ,movies ,software’s, games and that list goes  on. Now when you have lots of stuffs and if it’s not arranged properly there are chances of you making duplicate copies of many files. This becomes a great problem when you have lots of stuffs and you really don’t find which all you have duplicated and stored. Now this duplicate files eats up your space and just think if you have copies of some big video file like some of your movies it may simple take a size of gigabytes and that’s a lot of space. So how to find out those and delete those. Well in this post I will explain about a freeware which will help you in finding out duplicate files with Duplicate Cleaner and delete those unwanted copies. Once you have found and deleted that it’s also recommended that you arrange your files in a systematic way so that you do not create any more. Duplicate cleaner is a freeware which will search for duplicate files in computers and delete those. Some of the great feature of this freeware is that it’s super fast in finding the files, finds MP3 duplicate’s with even tags, customized search like search for video, audio, .doc, .xls etc, import reports, preview image files, protect the Windows system files, move all duplicate files to a particular location, and above a spam /ad free software which is completely free.

Download this freeware: Download Duplicate Cleaner freeware

Read more about it: Duplicate Cleaner Homepage

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  • Mainly, copy files bring about your waste of disk space. They cover hard drives, decelerate speed, plus charge people a lot more on back up.

    • sk

      absolutely correct.