How to disable auto maximize of window when you click taskbar in Windows 7 and Vista.

From Windows Vista itself lot of enhanced Windows features came in to existence. Once such feature which is still there in Windows 7 too is one click maximize of windows from taskbar. It’s a great feature but at times it can be a real mess. Especially when you have lot of windows minimized and you are working on something urgent and you accidently places you mouse in taskbar resulting in unwanted window pop up. But what lot of people doesn’t know is that we can disable this feature. I will explain you how to disable/enable this feature in this post. In order to do this you to go to your control panel, Click Windows symbol – click “Control Panel” – (select Control Panel Home view not Classic View) you will find “Ease of Access” link. Click that — Click “Change how your mouse works” – now down you need to uncheck “Activate a window by hovering over it with the mouse” then click OK to confirm. Now you can re activate this feature back by checking the check box again. Isn’t it simple? Hope this helped, do comment.

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