Recycle your old mobile handsets and get paid also think about environment:

Mobile phones are integral part of our life. There won’t be many who don’t have a mobile phone. Also it’s the area where technology keeps on updating. But what will do with those old mobile handsets which you have kept apart long back since you have got a super handset with you. What we don’t realize is that these all stuffs are technological wastes which are great threat for our environment and nature. We can’t dispose it just like that because it’s not bio degradable substance which means it will remain as waste for ever creating serious threat to nature. This is when as citizens of this earth, it becomes our responsibility to make our environment safe against these waste stuffs. So if we can’t throw away as waste what to do with these. Yes we need to recycle this. And a firm does just this also the great news is that you will get paid for those unwanted techno stuffs which you don’t want. helps you in this. This UK based firm buys your old mobile phones for cash and they recycle these. Thus it helps nature in keeping green with less technological waste. This firm is focusing currently in Middle Eastern countries where there is enormous amount of mobile handset customers. People now can sell their old mobile handsets for cash.

You can read more about this good and great initiative here ZONZOO.ME

Come on let’s make our earth a good place to live.

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