How to install WordPress on your Pc with Wamp.

WordPress is great blogging platform. There are lot of people who use WordPress platform for their blog. Another thing which makes WordPress great is it’s open source and free for public. Now once you have installed WordPress in your webhost and its up and running and then you need to experiment lot of things like new great Plugins, some codes. But when your try to modify your live content there always a risk of crash. This is when you need a copy of WordPress where you can test all those before transferring it to live site. So you can setup a test WordPress site in your computer. We use Wamp application in order to install WordPress in pc. With Wamp we can install WordPress (which require Linux/Unix based system normally) in Windows operating system. This article gives your step by step description on how to setup Wamp and then install WordPress .Don’t worry you need not be a programming expert to do this. Just follow this article and it’s not that tough.(Wamp – Windows Apache Mysql Php )

Install WordPress in your PC:

1.       The first thing you need is to download and install WAMP. Wamp is the application which enables you to install WordPress in your Window’s PC. You can download Wamp to your pc from here Wamp server.

2.       Now once you have finished the Wamp download, we will now install Wamp in your machine. For that double click the Wamp application. Follow the images down till to install.

3.       Note that you need not say no anywhere you can install it clicking next. Well but you can avoid selecting or uncheck “create a quick launch icon” because you don’t want Wamp to load when Window’s load.

4.       Now once you have finished the install of the Wamp, you can launch Wamp. Once all Wamp service is started you can see the Wamp icon on taskbar and if you see a white icon, it’s ready and up. See the picture below.

5.       Now next is IMPORTANT: you need to edit a little bit code so that your WordPress Pretty permalink work, don’t worry it’s very simple. First click on the Wamp icon in taskbar. Now you will see a list from that expand “Apache” and then select “httpd.conf” now it show you a notepad with php code ,you need to edit a part in this. Don’t worry its simple. Search for #LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ and you just remove the # symbol and save it. (Use Ctrl + F to find the code and use Ctrl+S to save the entry).You can refer the images for reference.

6.       Now you are ready for the WordPress install. Download the latest WordPress here WordPress zip file once you have downloaded the WordPress, unzip it and copy it to the C:\wamp\www as in shown in the image below. I have renamed the folder as test here.(you can put your own ).

7.       Now we can load the local page to create your SQL database and user. For this open your web browser and type http://localhost now click on Phpmyadmin which is on down left side. Now it will load the Phpmyadmin panel of your Wamp.

8.       Now you need to create a database and user for your WordPress, here I will create test user and test database, well you can use your own make sure you remember those.

9.       Put test as your database name (Create new database text box) and click create. Now from the top click privileges tab on top, here is where you create user name for your database. Put test as username and select local from the drop down and once you select local the localhost comes up in the text area. Now put your desired password. Now if you don’t want to put password you can select no password in the drop list. (Password is your choice because WordPress in your local machine so security don’t matter much).Now grant all privileges to the user by clicking select all and now click Go. Now you have created the username.

10.   Now you can close the browser and then navigate to WordPress folder C:\wamp\www, (my Wamp folder is in C drive but you can specify it in any drive) here we need to edit the WordPress config file. For this click and open wp-config-sample.php and you need to specify the database name, username and password there in the list. Now save it. Rename the wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php.

11.   Now open your browser and type the http://localhost/test ,now it will load your first WordPress configuring page ,here you specify your WordPress admin password and email (you can put any or nede not be a valid one,just for name sake) also uncheck allow my site for search engine. Now Click install WordPress, now it will show you success page and you can login with the credentials which you provided before. Thus it will launch your WordPress. dashboard.Congrats .You can now check the WordPress first page which WordPress have created for you automatically by again typing http://localhost/test .You will see your WordPress page installed in your pc. Congrats you have done it.

Note:Your Wamp should be active and runing in taskbar when doing all these.when you exit wamp by right clicking and selecting Exit,you will get “web page not found” when you type http://localhost .

Hope this article has helped you. Do comment.

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