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Android operating systems is becoming famous day by day. Branded phones likes Samsung, Sony Erricson, HTC, LG and many more are powered by Android os. So now time to know more about this Operating system and its basics. So here some basic tips about Android.

  1. Backing up the contacts: Contacts are most important for anyone. We can’t afford to miss any of these. So you can now back all those precious information. To backup the contacts go to your contacts – Press the MENU button (on phone) –then press More on the screen which is in the lower side on right side – now select Backup contacts – Select the appropriate among list either SIM or memory .Its recommended to save in the memory card so that you can backup whole of your memory in your local machine and save as copy for future use.             Note: Your contacts are backed up already in .If your phone/software corrupts it will automatically be added back to your phone once you reset and login. But still keeping a backup yourself is recommended for your safety.
  2. Renaming folders in Android: Renaming a folder in Android is not as easy and your need to know a little more to do it don’t worry its simple. Single press the folder you want to rename –Now press and hold the folder title – Now rename the folder and click ok that’s it.
  3. Clearing browser data: When you continuously use the Android for browsing lot of temporary files gets loaded on your phone resulting in slow performance. So let’s learn how to remove and clean it.

Clear browser cache: Open Browser – click menu – more – settings – clear cache – after that click OK.

Clear browser history: Navigate till settings as done above now select clear form data. Click OK.

Clear browser cookies: From settings select clear all cookies and click Ok.

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