Facebook’s “Remote logout Facility” to enhance security.

Facebook is consistently improving their features when it comes to its user security and privacy. A lot of security addition has been added recently which will make online users more secure against attacks, spam etc.On this context Facebook has added yet another feature-“remote logout”, as the name suggest it allows you remotely logout of the Facebook sessions. Well to explain more with this example suppose you have very recently or some time before logged into your Facebook account from your friends Pc or laptop or mobile device or a public internet café’s and unfortunately you forgot to logout.

Previously there were no such option that you can by logout of these active sessions, means any unauthorised persons can access your account. But now the happy news is even you can stop the session which is active from anywhere in the world. Now suppose you forget to logout from a café and when you are back you realize this, just login to Facebook back and end the session. To check out go to your Account Settings page and choose to change your Account Security. Now you will see how many if active sessions you have including the current, and in that you can end all previous sessions by clicking “END ACTIVITY” .The session information contain details last access times, device name, location, device type(like Firefox on Windows 7) .

By this option you can lock any user sessions if your account is phished, and then change the password. (Note: This facility may not be active in you account. You can check this in your accounts page.)

Great option Facebook ! It rocks.

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