How to check you website status, is it up or down?

As a blogger I have come across many occasions when I experience that my website is down. The sad thing is sometimes we may not notice it till we check it and then realize that something wrong. Now this is known fact that even if you hosting your website with world number one web host this issue can occur. And as could you see they will only offer you a 99.99% up time maximum, so still there is a downtime chance of 0.01%.But we can never complain because however big host they are, however reliable they are, all are devices which can come down and that too when there are lot of bad people like hackers, spammers and virus which can bring down them.

But what if it’s only for you, sometimes it happens. Due to some bad settings you may face this, or probably your ISP issue. So do we check this?

This when you need to check if it’s working for other? There are lots of websites which give you accurate details whether you site is up or down. Whether its only who is facing this or really your webhost is down.

  1. Downforeveryoneorjustme .com is a great website which gives you information about your website present status. Using this pretty simple. You need to enter you website Url and it will return you with result whether its up and working or down.
  2. is another website which gives you a report about website status.

Get an automated message in your email when your website is up and also get correct report about the down time and also get updated when your site is up. This is really great help for webmaster. website is such a website where you can register with them for free to get your site status reports directly delivered to your email. The great thing is its completely free of cost.

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