How to remove “This request can’t be sent” in Facebook.

Recently Facebook has tightened up their screws on its security, so it’s more secure and deals bad acts very strictly. As a part of this Facebook is monitoring user actions in their profile, they do check who all we try to connect, who all do we send request and if they feel that you have some suspicious intensions they blocks your further requests.But sad thing is Facebook is becoming popular day by day and many users are joining, so some of you friends or group of friends might have joined recently and you might have your request to all of them. But if they did not approve for some reason it may end up in this “Do you know this user personally? To prevent misuse of Facebook, this request can’t be sent. To learn more, please visit the Help Center”.

Well I have also faced this but I found out what could be real reason in my case and I hope it may help you also.The main reason behind this is you may be having lot of friends request pending, means the requests you have send to different users, and they have neither approved it nor declined. Those users in that request may be your friend or relative but the sad part is they haven’t added you. So Facebook counts this as you are a stranger to that user. So once your pending count increases Facebook automatically adds your account in that BAD Guy/Gal list, thus prohibiting future request.

So to remove it first Open your Facebook account –>  then click on the Account link on the top right side of your Facebook page –> Now you will see a drop down and in that list you need to select Edit Friends –> Now you need to select All connections from the list(left side ,first link) which shows all your friends including your pending requests –> Now you need to remove all those “Pending friends” because this is real cause of the problem –> so find out all those in that list and remove them all (Pending friends request) –> Wait for couple of days ( a week better) and try to send a new friends request.(But don’t over do as you did earlier)

Well this simple method is for all who are legitimate users of Facebook and if you have other intensions it will not work for you. Never send many friends requests to unknown persons. Nor try to send more and more requests at a time.

Also to add on this has worked for me 🙂  but don’t know it will for you or not.

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  • how do you send a group message to pending requests in order to let them know your account has reached it’s max for friends…we have around 2000 requests – It’s too much work to reach them w/a message individually,but we want them on our fan page – Is there anything that can allow us to message them all as a group?

  • sk

    Well there are no such easy way.The best way to put a comment on your public wall telling all of them that you have reached the limit and now can join the fan page instead. That’s the most better way. All other trials will lead as spam. So don’t do it. All the best lol

  • Ben Smith

    I have no pending requests as far as I can tell, and a modest friend list as well. Still getting this error!

    After several years I’m FINALLY getting into Facebook, just when they pull this BS!

    • sk

      Well in this post I mentioned that “pending requests” can also be a reason for this issue. If that did not work for means that you might have send too many request (spamming) to persons who are unknown to you or you do not have mutual friends. Its always recommended that you do not send too many requests to unknown people in facebook. And if you know the person better you can send a email and ask him to send a request to you instead.Facebook is now very strict on spammers since it has got too many bad marks recently. Well I know sometimes its unfortunate but will have to bear with it. I recommend you to wait a little and try again.

      • cjey

        well fb is for connecting people n make friends so if we can’t add friends then what da f#@k it’s for ?

        • sk

          Well pretty harsh comment. 🙂 ..its surely for making friends…but it doesn’t mean that you can send requests to people who don’t like that…also lots of people out there use fb only to add those friends who they really know not strangers..we cant disturb them nor enter into their privacy.. so fb should think about them know all should be happy..

  • MAdhavan

    U can get direct link here to remove our stupid friends from
    Awaiting friend confirmation

    • sk

      Thank You for the comment 🙂

  • amir ghasemi

    This Request Can’t Be Sent?!!!!!!

  • I want Your Help My Friend Request Blocked For 30 Days.

    • techdunes

      well if you could see its an old post (2 years ) ,Well FB has updated its policy and now if you have got block only thing you can do is to wait… also make sure that once the block is removed for some days you don’t send requests to annon people which can result in further blocks.. all the best… 🙂