Check your Pc’s power consumption with Joulemeter

Have you ever wondered how much power your pc consumes? Well it’s the fact that computers are most popular now and now it’s no more  a rich man’s companion, owning a pc is now ... Continue Reading →

Add more creativity to your photos with Microsoft Photo synth.

Photography nowadays is not limited any specific community. The vast success of Digital photography or rather we can say Digital cameras has brought smiles in many people faces. Now ... Continue Reading →

Google will no longer support Google Wave.

Google wave which was introduced last year is on verge of closure. Google has announced that it will no longer do developments for Google wave. It’s seen that Wave was terrible failure ... Continue Reading →

Symantec acquires VeriSign

Symantec has acquired VeriSign a web security provider company from Mountain View, CA, USA.Symantec announced this to press on 9th Aug 2010.VeriSign provides many services like Digital ... Continue Reading →

Steps to speed up your Windows 7

Windows 7 is elegant and fast operating system but also it does not compromise on security or with any hardware or software compatibility. Since now lot of software’s and application ... Continue Reading →

McAfee acquired by Intel.

McAfee to be now part of Intel corporation, they have come under agreement with a approximate amount of  7.68 Billion US dollars. Also to mention that BOD’s (Board of Directors) ... Continue Reading →

How to manually upload WordPress Plugins with FTP client.

Plugins are very much essential part of WordPress blogs, Plugins helps WordPress owners a lot by providing many functions which proves as a gem for them. If you have provided enough ... Continue Reading →

Windows 7 AppLocker helps IT Professional to gain more control over user activities.

With Windows 7 AppLocker IT professionals can now easily administer and set rules for user  to specify exactly what is allowed to run in the desktop infrastructure .This  gives users ... Continue Reading →

Now Burn ISO files with Windows 7 inbuilt ISO Burner.

Before the arrival of Windows 7, we had always faced issue with ISO images. We needed third party tools to burn theses ISO files. Even though there are a lot of freeware applications ... Continue Reading →

Send your YouTube videos to your Phone with Google Chrome

Google chrome has added a new feature by which you can send your favorite YouTube videos directly to phone. This application comes in handy for users who are travelling but still don’t ... Continue Reading →