Its time for Greener Technology

We are living in modern age of technology and we have reached a situation where we can hardly live with out it .Like electricity, telephone, mobiles or our pc or internet. Can any one of us think a day without it? The answer is we can’t. But what about the bad effects of technology on environment? Well many of us don’t know what to say when it comes to this section. This is reason why now big multinationals and technology giants are beginning an initiative of Green Technology.

What all include in this: Well even though the initiative has begun from big MNC side, it is not something that big they do. They take up simple measures in order to avoid unwanted energy wastage and conserve energy for future use. Also while doing this they reduce Carbon Greenhouse emissions remarkably which protects our nature.

In 2009, by turning of their PC’s on work day employees of HSBC helped save 7.3 million kilowatt hours of electricity and 3.1 million kilograms of CO2 emissions. This is just one example

The Green Option

Data centres consume 10 to 30 times—and in some cases 100 times—more energy per square foot than traditional office space according to Gartner Study (2007).So data center’s become first area where we need to implement energy-efficient strategy. Energy Efficiency Benchmark Tool from IBM research can determine your data centre’s current green status and helps us in identifying major steps for improvement.

Financial organizations should develop comprehensive plan which will help in reduction of energy consumption, also to minimize costs and reduce Carbon Greenhouse emissions across the entire IT landscape.

Steps for Greener Tech World

Keep Track on your energy usage:
Every company should build a comprehensive plan for reducing energy consumption in your data centre is to develop a system that tracks usage. Simply put, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Upgrading outdated/older systems
Researchers in recent study pointed out that the PC industry could save 40 billion kWh over three years—or more than US$5 billion—at virtually no cost by simply updating the design of power supply units used in computers.

By using Green processes can reduce costs and raise operational efficiency. IT Giant IBM is on this venture to make a greener tech world for the future.


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