History of Windows Operating System

It has been 25 years since our much loved Windows Operating system came into our life, the history starts with Microsoft release of Windows 1.0 way back in 1985, and wow 25 years back. Windows 1.0 was Microsoft’s first GUI operating system. Since then Microsoft Windows has developed and now when we are standing with dazzling Windows 7 operating system lets look back a little from the history about the tracks which Windows OS followed.

1.Window 1.0 – First GUI operating system from Microsoft released in the year 1985.A mix of Dos and simple graphical interface.

2. Windows 2.0 – released on December, 1987 as a successor to Windows 1.0, Microsoft Office products become capable, Like Word and Excel with this operating system.

3. Windows 3.0 –more enhanced graphically.

4.Windows 3.1 –introduction of welcome screen and much more enhanced in graphics.

5. Windows 95- released on Aug 1995 and was complete new experience for user, much more in graphics and technology. Originally named Windows 4.0, Windows 95 was codenamed ‘Chicago’. Available in both floppy-disk edition and on CD-ROM.

6.Windows 98-released in June 1998, Windows 98 came in two flavours; a ‘Second Edition’ (SE) was released in 1999. Windows 98 allowed computers to share the same internet connection for the very first time.

7.Windows ME (Millennium Edition) Windows ME parted with MSDOS (Microsoft disk operating system) that was used to run older software. Windows me included Internet Explorer 5.5, Media player and movie maker.

8.Windows 2000 – Well this series of Operating system was basically focused on business level usage with the release of Windows 2000 server edition. The style and looks almost remained same with Windows Me.

9. Windows Xp – (Xp refers Windows eXPerience) released in 2001, the most famous and favourite operating system of all time. Windows Xp is most used operating system in every part of the world. Windows Xp combined great looks and more capabilities. Some of the features include, Blue translucent selection rectangle in Explorer, Drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop, Task-based sidebars in Explorer windows, The ability to group the taskbar buttons of the windows of one application into one button, The ability to lock the taskbar and other toolbars to prevent accidental changes, The highlighting of recently added programs on the Start menu, Shadows under menus.

10.Windows Vista came out in retail by Jan 2007 seven years after Windows Xp release. Well the first appearance we all might have assumed that Vista is going to be a massive hit. But later a lot issue came up and finally Microsoft has to admit that they have failed in Vista. Windows Vista was much superior when it came to looks and feels when we compare it with other older predecessors of Windows like Windows 98 or Windows Xp, But it never had that comfort when it came to operating with lot of bugs, compatibility issue, overly security which was really irritating. Windows Vista was a complete failure.

11. Windows 7 hit market on October 2009 .Microsoft was careful about its release this time and they knew what were issue users faced with vista. But they also knew all agreed the fact that Windows Vista was superiorly good when it came to looks, graphics and feel. So when released Windows 7 they maintained all those great looks of Vista and the simplicity of Windows Xp.And rest is history Windows 7 is super hit and it’s on the same track of success which the Windows Xp had. Let’s wish them all the best.


12. Windows 8 –Next from Microsoft ,Not much official details about this but Microsoft plans to release it by end of 2011.(unofficial)

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