List of some useful Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts.

These are list of some very useful Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts. Make your Windows 7 experience more fast and time saving by using and mastering these keyboard shortcuts. These are list of 30 useful key board shortcut.

1.     To minimize all active windows – Win key + M

2.     To undo all minimization – Win Key +Shift +M

3.     To toggle between Windows – Win +D

4.     To maximize a Window –Win + Up Arrow key

5.     To minimize windows –Win +Down Arrow Key

6.     To maximize vertical size of Windows – Win +Shift Key +Up arrow key

7.     To restore maximized window – Win + Shift key + Down arrow key

8.     To move window to left side of monitor –Win + Shift key + left arrow key

9.     To move window to right side of monitor –Win + Shift key + right arrow key

10.  To display Aero desktop peek – Win +Spacebar

11.  To maximize/minimize all active windows – Win + Home key

12.  To close a active window – Alt key + F4 key

13.  To switch between windows – Alt key + Tab key

14.  To roll over and select a windows (inter) –Alt key + Esc key

15.  To flip to 3D – Win + Tab

16.  To do persistant Flip 3D – Ctrl + Win + Tab

17.  To open the corresponding taskbar pinned program – Win+Any number(eg:1,2,3 etc)

18.  To cycle through the program’s open windows – Ctrl+Ctrl a pinned taskbar icon

19.  To show window menu (Restore All, Minimize All, Move All ) – Shift+Rt click on grouped icon

20.  To cycle through applications on taskbar (with live preview) – Win+T

21.  To reverse above – Win+Shift+T

22.  To Open run – Win+R

23.  To show presentation (Projector mode option) – Win+P

24.  To show desktop gadjets – Win+G

25.  To lock computer – Win+L

26.  To show mobility center –Win+X

27.  To zoom in – Win++

28.  To zoom out – Win – –

29.  To use windows magnifier – Win+=

30.  To show/hide Preview pane – Alt+P

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  • Wow such useful info. Thanks a bunch 😀 this makes using my computer so much easier 🙂 I love to read articles like this. Please keep up the good work.