Sing along-Songsmith will compose music for you.

Ever wondered if you had someone who creates and give you a song packed with great music, and what if you are not singing for a concert but you are doing it at you bathroom, your bedroom, your kitchen? Wonderful right! Now Microsoft Songsmith does that for you. So get ready to sing and all other things Songsmith will take care.

Songsmith is software for Microsoft Research team. The greatest thing in this software which attracts many towards it is its simplicity. Now many of us might have seen software’s like fruity loops etc, working on them won’t be an easy affair .But with Songsmith its not like that it’s a very easy bit of software.Once you open this application, then you need to select the required music patters (Very easy) and then sing ya speak on your microphone ,once you have done with just stop Songsmith and the Songsmith generates your song fully loaded with suitable music.

Now you can go ahead and share on you community, social sites, videos host, send to your friends, relative and share.

Even though Songsmith is easy to use it doesn’t mean that it does not have quality contents, if you are thinking like this then its wrong. Songsmith has partnered with Garritan who are one of the industry’s finest digital instrument producers, leading developers of computer synthesizers and Plogue to provide rich instrumentation for your song. These instruments are the real deal, and you can check it out at Songsmith music page about this. Also it gives you opportunity to change the instruments as we like.

Songsmith is not a freeware but they provide you a trial version which you check it out. You can use this trial version for 6 Hours (Usage).This means only when you use the software the time is counted, so when you close the program, or minimise it or become ideal, it won’t count. So 6 hours means a lot of time where you can have a complete look on the software.

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