Ms Word Add on for your Chemistry Formulas -Chem4Word

Microsoft has come out with an add on by which you can manage your chemistry formulas and equation in your favourite Microsoft Word work sheet. Also this advance add on has authoring functionality, The name of the add is Chem4Word ,This add on allows user  render of  HQ and  ready to print visual depictions of chemical structures. Chem4Word has the  ability to store and expose rich chemical information in a systematic manner.

Chem4word supports Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP (Service 3) and compatible with Microsoft Word 2007/Word 2010 (RC).Unfortunately it does not support Office 2003.

Installtion of Chem4word is pretty simple.Make sure that all your word documents are closed before doing this.Download the Chem4Word Zip from  here and unzip it in your hard disk.Open the folder and click Setup.exe and follow the steps to complete installation.

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