Removing Win32 Virus from your PC

Believe it or not, computers have become inseparable parts of our lives. Whether it is personal or professional usage, we all need them to execute things in a perfect way, the very first time. However, things can start going wrong when the computer is infected with virus, especially the Win32 virus.

In this article, we will be reading all about the Win32 virus and how to go ahead with cleaning Win32 from your PC.

The Win32 Virus, also known as W32.Etap and Metaphor, is classified by PC experts as a highly obfuscated and difficult to understand virus. This virus has the ability to attack dissembling, emulation, and debugging techniques of the PC besides posing a challenge for the standard evaluation-based virus analysis techniques. Virus code for Win32 virus can result in unintentional garbage generation or accidental trashing of some portable executable files as a direct impact of its extreme complexity.

The virus can act as a proxy server to offer anonymous access to the Internet from the affected machines and can be easily classified as a WINDOWS PE EXE file, which is written in Visual C++ and packed using UPX. The virus file size can be anything between 39-53 KB.

You may or may not experience any abnormalities with the functioning of your PC if it is affected with this worm.

Some of the possible infection symptoms may include:

1) Network congestion

2) Tripping of account lockout policies

3) Disabled Windows Defender, Error reporting services, and automatic updates

4) Slow respond to client requests by domain controllers

It is highly recommended that you should be using strong administrator passwords, which are unique for all PCs. It is important for you to update antivirus, security, and anti-spyware programs. It is also recommended that you do not share critical passwords with any one and change them at regular intervals.

The best way for preventing the Win32 worm is to opt for professional computer support services. In this regard, you can opt for online computer support or remote PC support. It will not only help you stay protected from the Win32 worm, but will also help you stay secure against other malicious programs and applications.

If you are looking for reliable, affordable, and customized computer support services in the United Kingdom, UK, you can access them by visiting Google and entering words such as “computer support UK”, “computer support services”, or “online computer support”. This search will help you find professional online computer support providers. Once you have selected a few, it is time for you to make a detailed comparison to find out the best computer support UK.

Once you have finalized a professional online computer support provider, you can be assured of hassle-free PC operations, even at odd times.

We hope that this information on cleaning Win32 Virus from your PC was helpful to you in more than just a way.

Manual Removal:


Removal Instructions

1. Determine the name of the Trojan program by using regedit or another utility to edit the system registry. View the “Services” parameter in the [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] key; this parameter gives the full path to the malicious program.

2. Use Task Manager to terminate the process with the Trojan name.

3. Delete the original Trojan file.

4. Delete the following value from the system registry key:



Removal Software:


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