Open Internet explorer with key Board shortcut.

When we have lots of application running we may find that mouse does not give a good responds on clicks. Just that we just miss a short cut key on keyboard which can open our application or program.

This tutorial explains how to create a key board shortcut for internet explorer so that you can open up internet explorer without using the mouse.

  • For this click start menu –Locate Internet Explorer –right click on it and select Properties.
  • Now Internet explorer properties windows open up.
  • In that you can see “shortcut key”. There you can specify which key on keyboard you want to use as shortcut.
  • Put Ctrl + Alt +I ( You can use your own customized one )
  • Click Ok.

This is it.

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  • You can assign any keys to any shortcuts on your desktop. I prefer a Mozilla shortcut than the IE when it comes to the Internet browser:)