Facebook’s Safety Page

Facebook launches a new security page for its users.Facebook has recently completed its 500,000 users.

Recently it has received lot of criticism about its giving away of personal data of users to its business partners and even websites created for moving out of facebook and its hate you kind websites.The security and privacy of user should remain key for any social web site if this cannot be guaranteed we would see a another failure in its key members, and it has happened .Lot of users are moved out.

It’s also heard that website giants like Google and Yahoo are making gold out of this opportunity to setups its own social websites.

Mean while facebook has got right alarm at right time before all the sand goes out their hand.

Now they have introduced a new addition to the already existing Facebook initiatives designed to keep users abreast of the various safety issues tied to the use of the social network and the Internet.

To access this enter Facebook Safety page, a page that “will highlight new initiatives to keep people on Facebook safe, valuable educational materials from Internet safety experts including the members of our Safety Advisory Board, and relevant news coverage.”

The page is a companion to Facebook’s Security page, where users can learn about best practices for data security and be warned about current scams targeting the Facebook population.

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