Uninstall Windows 7 service pack 1

You might have recently installed service pack for your new Windows 7 operating system. But only after that you might have realised that there are some things which you really don’t like about it. And now you want your old Windows 7 back. Don’t worry you can bring back the same and uninstall the service pack. The following explains you how to do it.

1. Click the Orb (Start button).

2. Click All Programs.

3. Go into Accessories.

4. Right-click on Command Prompt.

5. Select Run as administrator.

6. When the UAC prompt appears, select yes.

The Command window with the elevated command prompt will appear.

7. Execute the following at the command prompt:
wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:976932

8. When asked for confirmation, click yes.

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