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In today’s world cyber security is one most key issue we face, every day we hear some news about phishing, hacking, cracking, de facing, cyber frauds and scams.

We find our junk boxes filled with spam mails from fraud pharmacy companies selling Viagra and other items or mails which announce you as sweeps take winner and much more. Every second hackers or so called bad guys in cyber world try get something or other from your side. Every time you get exposed to some kind of vulnerability and most probably you don’t even realize these. The following article never gives you something which when you follow makes you 100 % protected but of course make you more secure from these attacks from those side of cyber world.

Secure yourself:

  • Protect your Wi-Fi network: Nowadays we have internet connections at home and we have lot of wireless connecting devices like laptops and mobiles which we use. All these are connected to network by wireless network. Now here is what your first security issue comes over. Protect your wireless access point by password, I would prefer you use a WPA security than WEP protection simply because WEP protection is so unsecure and you don’t need to be techy guy to break and retrieve password of that.WEP keys can be hacked very simply and it’s so popular that a guy in your neighborhood can break that so mantra is protect your Wi-Fi network with WPA. And one more thing never keep your wireless access point unsecure because it’s like opening up your door and windows for any one. So keep yourself protected.

  • Be careful when providing your personal information: Nowadays we give out our personal information’s knowingly or unknowingly to many website, social site but we don’t really realize that these information’s may be used by these website for their advantage and promotion and to earn themselves revenue. So never post you personal information on public websites like social sites which can turn to be ahead ache in future .Never add unwanted applications to your social sites like face book etc because when you add these application you are giving access to your personal information provided in the site to be public and those application may use these for their commercial use, thus your privacy is scrutinized. Do not provide your email address to mail forwards and unwanted news letters or feeds unless until you read their privacy policy. Never reveal your financial details in any website or public web world like credit card information, banking details or any data which can create problems for you.

  • Installing unwanted software’s, toolbars or applications: One a normal day when you browse internet you will come up with many ads of free screensavers, free antivirus software’s, browser tool bars. These applications when installed in system may eat up system resources; spam your system with ad ware, spyware. Even toolbars from famous website can substantially make your system slow. So better be a mile away from these.

  • Update your system: Update your operating system with updates which comes regularly .never skip this because these updates are for your protection and making your system update in all sector like latest software, fully secure so don’t skip those Microsoft updates because it’s for your protection.

  • Install a good antivirus and activate your firewall: Keep your system from attacks from virus, spam ware, spyware and all with a good antivirus. Also keep your firewall on in your system. It does not mean that your system is fully protected and you are 100 % safe but when you have your side safe you’re protected and can save you from lot of disasters.

  • Keep protected on your tours and trips: This is most important that when you need to travel a lot of places as part of your profession. Take some security measure when connecting to public network. Always have your firewall and antivirus up to date. Using a proxy to connect is better nowadays there are lot of free VPN and proxies which you can install like Hotspot shield and other open vpn which protects your system from hackers.

  • Keeping a backup of your system: Its always better nowadays to keep a backup of your entire system in a external media like external portable hdd, also create system recovery disks .You may not feel it important but one fine day you see your system crashed and you have lot of personal data in your system this is time you will thank yourself that you have made the yourself secure with proper backup.

  • Keep yourself updated with cyber world news and happening: Read articles blogs about IT and cyber world and happening there are lot of blogs which can increase your knowledge about happening all around the world like

  • Inform the officials: If you feel that you are victim of cyber attacks don’t feel that everything is lost report to this to authorized persons who can help you. Like if you think a banking fraud inform the bank immediately so that they can take necessary actions, you can also report it legally because nowadays all law enforcement agencies have their own cyber cells who can really help you in these.

To conclude always remember “prevention is always better than cure”

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