Summer in Gulf

Summer has started in Gulf, and it’s most sizzling and most probably may end up most hot summer season in the century.

Report for the geo physical departments in Saudi Arabia has already predicted that the temperature may touch mark of 70 degree.

If this happens this will be most horrible year for the people residing these areas, mercury have touched already 54 degree in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

This is where the importance all environment matters come into play. Global warming has already started it course for destruction if we don’t act now it may be too late for all of us. At this rapid pace the things don’t look great for humanity.

Gulf nations are booming even though the global recession has terribly affected the countries still gulf countries are high tech when it comes to life style, infrastructure, income. Dubai is now on the path of becoming central hub of the world owning the name for many largest and longest and all record book stuffs. Building mega structures like highest building, manmade islands, cities and many more. But what’s lacking is concentration on the environment and nature which only comes second to many countries.

Gulf countries are landscape mainly consists 90% of deserts, since there is not vegetation the heat effect is more horrible when it comes. So it’s high time when the rulers and official concerns work to make more vegetation around  this is possible because there is huge belt of vacant land, it’s tough but for countries who are spending millions on mega structure’s it won’t be much of a issue. It’s only the matter of taking the right initiative and hope official turn up at right moment before it’s too late.

Precautions of summer:

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