Nokia E72 Some basic Help Guide

I have purchased a new Nokia E 72 mobile and I was going through the settings and stuffs, that’s when I have found that there are lot of things which a normal user wants but don’t know how to set it up. The main problem with Nokia E 72 is that it may drink up all you money when you use the lot of its applications, well whether it’s their fault or ours once those money lost is irrecoverable. This has happened to me, one fine day I brought the handset and switched over to my new Nokia E 72 and I was checking the application like chat, ovi etc had a balance of 50 but after some research I just checked my balance and I was shocked to find my balance had gone to a minus amount. That’s when I realised that what ever research I have done on my phone has been charged. That’s the time I realised that I need to change those default settings which are doing all these.

nokia e 72

I have access to Wi-Fi networks both at office and at home. So literally what I needed was that my mobile device should only use this as my connection not the 3G and or data package which comes with the mobile provider.

Following below are some settings which helps you to use the Wi-Fi only

  1. Disabling the default 3g (Dual Mode)

Nokia E72 by default has “Dual Mode” in its connection settings, means if this is active it when ever you try any application which need a data connection, so first thing is to disable it.

For this click Menu ->Ctrl panel -> Settings -> Phone -> Network Mode now select the GSM Mode this will make your phone to select only normal mode. What this does is it disables the 3g which may be costly affair to deal with.

  1. Disabling all application from Accessing Data package and access Wi-Fi.
    • Menu ->Ctrl panel -> Settings ->Connections -> Destinations -> Now you will see that by default data package will be selected ,delete all those and after this add you Wi-Fi network one by one. Thus all your data connections will be through Wi-Fi.

Now another common thing which lot of users have complained about is the message icon keeps on flashing even after you have read all your messages. And lot of places I have seen this is written as a bug in E 72 but reality not like that. Nokia E72 by default won’t copy the messages stores in sim card to the phone memory and also it won’t show up in your messages also, in order to see these messages open the messages then options and then select the sim messages. Now you will see the messages in sim card.

Now in order to solve this problem you need to copy all those messages in sim card to phone memory in order to do these select messages ->Options ->Mark all ->Now select copy and then select it to folders so that you can save all your messages.

Next once all your messages are copied to the phone memory (folder) you need to delete messages from the sim card. You need to follow the same previous steps that’s messages ->Options ->Mark all -> and now select Delete.

That’s it now you will see that flashing messages icon is vanished.

I post when I find out new tips and tricks. Stay tuned.

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  • Dinesh

    Hi, Thanks for this guide. I have a related issue regarding SIM messages. When i enter SIM messages area, i dont see any messages (to read or delete) but precisely at that moment, an old picture message pops up in my normal phone message inbox. This message also pops up when i connect my E72 to my bluetooth headset.