Disable Adobe Auto Update

It’s really annoying for me when I see that without checking anything some things starts and gets into our resources. Here I am referring to Adobe Auto Updater which gets started when we start any Adobe application. The most disgusting thing about this update is that the updates have heavy size which can really take your band width.

Now here I will explain you how to disable it. This is important because for another reason also, that is you may have pirated adobe  software installed in pc and which you don’t want their servers to detect.

This is simple way which has worked for me. Open you Adobe reader. This is free software from Adobe. So you need not worry about updates.

Once you have opened the software, click Help from the menu. (Top left last menu)

Now inside that click “ Check for Updates..” . Then you can see a update windows comes up.

Let that checking complete, after checking for updates is completed it will show the updates which is available.

Now here is the trick. You will see “preference “in left side .You need to click that.

Once you click this you get windows to custom your updates and your list of adobe products.

Now in order to disable Auto update you to uncheck “Automatically check for updates”.

Uncheck and click ok. That’s it .You now wont have problem of the automatic updates now.

Isn’t it easy?

Hope this article helped .Please comment.

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